Activate Hyper-V VM with OEM license

Let’s say your OEM licensed server comes pre-installed with Windows 2022 Standard.

You want to install a Virtual Server and activate it with the same license. -You can activate 2 VMs on a Standard license.

First download the ISO Windows server 2022 Evaltuation edition from

Install the VM using the ISO file. It will install as a 180 days trial -an evaluation edition.

The fact will show in settings-activation and on the desktop similar to

Sooner -rather than later, you will prefer to change this from Evaluation to Standard edtition

This can be done by entering the following dism command from an elevated powershell prompt:

dism /online /set-edition:ServerStandard /productkey:enter-your-OEM-product-key /accepteula

The command will require a restart.

After reboot you will see that the server is activated and the Evaluation has changed to Standard editition.

Happy OEM licensing!

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