SQL stored procedure

SQL stored procedure for searching all tables in a database Then call the procedure like this:

Group policy object craziness

This one just hurts when you’re sitting there trying to get a job done. A terrible gust from old versions of windows occurs when you

Quick tip on SQL connection test

If you want to test a Windows auth on an ODBC SQL connection it is not possible to connect as other than the currently logged

AES encrypt with Powershell

After some trial and error and readup on the topic, I wrote a script that encypts text with AES 256bits encryption to a file that

Fix the RTC chip

On my continued retro endeavor I collected an old Commodore PC-30-III from 1989. Yes, it’s true! The Commodore company also tried to get a grip

Ssh client for Android

Just a little shout-out for JuiceSsh👍 Simple , free, no ads, no fuzz An excellent ssh client for Android -1million+ downloads and very good

Mailcow Dockerized

If you’re looking for a nice and simple mail server and you’ve got some experience with Linux I can highly recommend  Mailcow Dockerized. Personally I’ve

A retro endeavour

Growing up I spent alot of time on the Commodore 64 in the mid 80’s, and the Commodore Amiga 500 in the late 80’s. Unfortunately