IT and some nice packages

A list of some nice packages that helps alot. Read about them in Atom by opening settings and install.(ctrl+shift+p) Remote-ftp Autocomplete-html Atom-live-server Emmet Pigments Minimap

What’s happening?

You have a lot of different log files and events from hundreds of different sources. Like firewalls, webservers, switches, routers, Office 365, Exchange and whatnot.

Learning Python

Looking at different programming languages can be both fun and challenging. A couple of years ago I had a go at Python just to see

Win10 UAC remote restrictions

I was having trouble reaching the c$ and admin$ shares on a remote Win10 standalone machine(not a member of a domain) It turns out that


I didn’t realize how powerful and wonderful Javascript really is until I sat down for several evenings trying to learn some of it. It is

Sonos and MikroTik VLAN

I was having an issue segmenting Sonos on a VLAN using Mikrotik. This is because Sonos relies on UPNP and Multicast on address which

Clone SSD to bootable NVMe M.2 disk

So why install a NVMe M.2 disk? Short answer: to increase i/o performance As long as your motherboard has a slot for M.2 (PCI-e x4)

Bypass FastTrack for IPsec, Mikrotik

Mikrotik’s FastTrack function is great for improving router speed and perfomance, but it messes up IPsec VPN. To bypass this, I found the following to