CNC – Computer Numerical Control

It’s been a while, but still stayin’ busy!

Recently I have assembled this CNC Machine which measures 1×1 m,

This was a DIY kit that I ordered from the Swedish company

Started out with over 500 parts that needed assembly, time for some readup and dedication..


I made an extra frame underneath and hinged the machine to my table in the back, so when the CNC is not in use it can be tilted up to the wall and use the table and space for other project
Coming together


I am using the version with belts and Arduino electronics


The spindle itself I ordered separately from China. It’s 1500Watts and has got a separate inverter


The controller, an Arduino UNO with a CNC shield and the drv8825 stepper motor drivers on top

Software and workflow, CAD and CAM:

When it comes to CAD I am fairly inexperieced, but I am looking into Autocad Fusions 360 at the moment. With this I am exporting the STL file.

For CAM software I am currently using Estlcam. This is the controller software that imports the STL file, converts it to G-code, simple numbers in X-Y-Z dimensions, then streaming it over USB serial to the Ardu.

Stable, nifty and incredible precise machining 🙂

Thanks to Janne at RawCNC Sweden for good build descriptions and support. Highly recommended!


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