UP your skills in Electronics!

Electronics is in almost everything manmade these days. It certainly is a deep field with many aspects to it and not something you simply will discover without any external input.

Unless your name is Georg Simon Ohm, Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, Morse or Maxwell that is😀

If you’re into Electronics or thinking about starting out, here are some links to good tutors.

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Electronic gives you many “oh” “why and “wow” moments, and even some”whoops” moments.. I guarantee you it’s worth the effort if not only in terms of an enjoyable hobby.

I find it very logic while also peculiar and specific. Very sensitive and not very forgiving, but sometimes very rewarding and this it what the chase is all about.

A great book:


More advanced types:

The Art of Electronics

The ARRL Handbook for radio communications

Some great learning sites:



Some great YouTube channels:





Some great circuit testing tools and visualizers:





And get a hold of an older analog oscilloscope

Here are som old classics I got for almost nothing:

Tektronix 454a from 1971
Philips PM 3070 from 1991

Where did those electrons go anyway..?

A XY pattern where CH1 freq is X and CH2 freq is Y. The figure displayed depends on the degrees offset between the two frequencies.

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