FSX stable on Windows 8.1

As you might be aware of, MS has discontinued their awesome flightsimulator  Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Really sad actually. But is it still working on Win 8.1?

I’ve been SIM’ing since FS98 but now it had been awhile, so I decided to install it on my Win 8.1 PC with a triple monitor setup and a new Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card in a NVIDIA “surround” setup.

2014-11-04 08.47.08


So was there any compatibility issues? yes

Are they resolvable: yes, and very much so. In fact I’ve never had a more stable MS Flighsimulator running.

Issues resolved:


FS was crashing with “MS flightsimulator X has stopped working”
FIX: Download UIAutomationCore.dll from flightsim.com library and put it on FSX root.
Run FSX with SP2 (not acceleration pack) in XP SP2 compat mode.
Run as “administrator” on shortcut
Also in FSX set target framerate to “unlimited”

Joystick or other USB controller disconnects after inactivity and refuses to reconnect until restart FSX

Find and change the powermanager parameter in registry.
This solves the problem for the actual controller on the specific port.
ref details:


Edit: not a resolution as the problem eventually came back. I will go ahead and try fsuipc for this issue.

Edit2Remapping all controls with FSUIPC seems to have resolved the issue

Triple monitors:

Issue with virtual cockpit Field of view and Zoom aspect, not able to zoom out  level as wanted
in the file C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.CFG
Change WideViewAspect=True in the config
Also under DISPLAY.Device section enter Mode=5760x1080x32 if this is your resolution
Be sure to check out if DX10 will work for you, as DX10 settings was never finished developed for the FSX, a DX10 fixer is necessary for it to work great https://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/


Issue with 2D panels streched and wrong size
Download new CFG files for the gauges from flightsim.com
Search for fsx-triplewide-panels_defaultac.zip in the library or direct link: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fsview.php?do=list&fid=141838



Framerates, smoothness and DX10

For tuning and tweaking tips for aquiring the best framerates be sure to check out https://www.youtube.com/user/BelynzHD
This guy, Matt Davies is a real enthusiast and has got deep knowledge of FSX simming.

Here is a good explanation of how to get Your GPU to work and deliver its goods by the use of DX10


Here’s a walkthrough of settings that really makes thing loook good on my computer,



Now you can go fly your ILS approaches or join the Virtual world of aviation being sure that you SIM doesn’t mess with you!
-There are enough challenges already on the SIM itself 🙂

If you need charts and navaids for SIM’ing check out this page

And vatroute.net seems to be a good site for planning routes, and with a sid and star planner like flightsim commander of PFPX you are up for it.

fscharts.com is another one with sim info for ILS  and runways
Professional charts available at navigraph.com

Also be sure to check out :

A great piece of VFR planner, freeware too:

Who’s flying online:
Vat-Spy is a Nice little freeware available.
Other browser Resources:


There are lots of others and all kinds of APPs and add-ons for the FSX, and the add-on FSUIPC and the LUA interface makes options for piping and routing controllers infinite.
And thats really what is so cool about the Virtual SIM’ing and the AWESOME FSX, even though it’s getting older.


Get serious with FSX and Have a blast 🙂




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