Group policy object craziness

This one just hurts when you’re sitting there trying to get a job done.

A terrible gust from old versions of windows occurs when you try to set the regional settings throug GPO

A regional GPO setting is usually applied at User Configuration, under Control Panel Settings and Regional Options.

Here you will be presented with this:

Upon clicking on Regional Options you get this:

You create a new regional option by right clicking:

You see this:

So, Microsoft, a question: What do you really mean by a dotted red line under the Language of choice here?

You see, it’s not very obvious for me but maybe for you.

What you need to do here is to press F5. “F5” you say? where does it say that? -It doesn’t.

So we fress F5 and we get a green line this time. Better maybe?

The thing is that there is no explanation on these pages whatsoever, and noone would just know that F5 is needed here.

Just terrible, a gust from the past or something, but now you and I know😊

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