Move ADFS service to a new server







Upon moving from 2008R2 ADFS 2.0 to ADFS 3.0 on 2012 R2 I stumbeled into some issues.

I would like to share my solution for future reference:

One would think that it would be plenty to move the cert, make firewall changes and recreate the federation.

However I could not get it to work for the bare of me.

The solution was to set the Office 365 federation back to standard and then federate the domain from scratch.

-No useraccounts or emails were harmed in the process.. 🙂


So you need to install the Azure AD powershell, and single sign in assistant.
(-if you will be using Azure AD connect as well, the Sign in assistant is included in this.)

Connect to your 365 tenant with Azure AD powershell:

or if remoting:

$msolcred = get-credential
connect-msolservice -credential $msolcred


Revert to Office 365 to standard authentication:
convert-msoldomaintostandard -domainname -passwordfile pass.txt -skipuserconversion $true

Reconfigure the federated domain:
Set-MsolADFSContext -computer “FQDN of Local domain server!”
Convert-MsolDomainToFederated -domainname “”

Check your settings:
Get-MsolFederationProperty -domainname “”

Also check your companyinformation and the last dirsync time:

Test your Office 365 SSO settings with

Run a test, be happy:)


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