Outlook 2016 and Autodiscover issue Office 365


Unbeliveably Microsoft have released their product with this major flaw/bug that takes precedence when you do a cutover migration to Office 365.

Even though Autodiscover is configured correctly, and the SCP for the on-premisies Exchange is disabled, you are not able to connect Outlook to 365.

It searches for connection forever in an endless loop and no errormessages.

Luckily I found that I am not the only one


Furthermore, in Outlook 2016 you are not allowed to configure the connection manually, IE set up the connection by entering servername manually.

There is a workaround, however a stupid one.
‘They have released a “fixit” tool that manually configures the email profile on the client:

They call this “Kb3073666”

I think this is not acceptable from a multi-million$ company like Microsoft! -shame shame


While we’re at it, there is another snag i Outlook 2016, which comes to play once you need to edit the subject line on recieved emails – for CRM archiving purposes or similar.

They have disabled this feature by deafult, so you need to go “view” and in the “sort” field select “show settings”, “other settings” and then select “allow editing in cells”

For this setting to get active, you need to forward an email, and then – if you’re lucky, you should be able to change the subject on a received email by pressing enter in the subject field – a couple of times.




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