Penetration testing

Lately I’ve been running some vulnerability scanning and penetration testing in my testlab environment.

I am using Kali Linux (formerly Backtrack) which is loaded with powerful Tools and Utilities.


The distro is based on Debian



So far I’ve successfully :

-run WPA2/WPS attack on the local Wifi by using wifite and aircrack-ng
With this I was able to decipher the PSK and connect to the Wifi

-run a man-in-the-middle-attack on my Smartphone by arp-spoofing on the local Wifi
With this I was able to intercept the web traffic received by the Client and even manipulate it.

-using the Metasploit Framework to attack several exploits on OS and Applications.
With this I was able to compromise a Virtual XP machine and do stuff like keylogging, screengrabbing, record MIC, record webcam, start/stop services, reboot, etc. etc.


In short: all is possible with the Utilities found in Kali Linux, and you don’t even need to be a script kiddie.

-Go check it out.. and get a view!

And patch your systems  🙂

Sincerly ,




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