Raspberry PI WEBcam and PI-PAN project!


When summer turns to fall I like to stay up late in the evening(…) and work on some sort of project.

I’ve had some great fun with Raspberry PI earlier, so this time I decided to get another one and a PIcam.

I also ordered a PI-PAN module from “Openelectronics” to see where I could take it.

Started out with this:

2014-10-06 21.08.50

Here is the assembled and fully functioning Raspberry PI WEB cam with moving servos and loads of options from the WEB interface:

2014-10-20 13.39.01

It takes great quality HD movies and pictures and the possibility for timelapse shooting.

Servos control image pan/tilt:
Pan: 180 degrees (from left to right)
Tilt: 110 degrees (top to bottom)

It’s also got a lightweight “motion detection” function. -actually it does not detect motion but it detects changes in the picture and starts recording if wanted.

The multicolor LEDs are also controllable Red, Green, Blue and White.



The code and learnings from this project I gathered at



And this great forum:



This was fun, maybe I can even come up with some more features later on.

-I admit I had to do some troubleshooting and learning on Linux permissions, Piping commands, throubleshooting syntax goofs in PHP and Python etc. but;

Just don’t give in, and most is possible 🙂 Get after it!

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