Is it running?

Playing with the Symantec Gateway Security 5620 -which actually used to be a really nice firewall not too many years ago.


Today, however I was curious to see if I was able to get an open source firewall like PFsense to run on it.




With it’s 6 NIC’s a Celeron processor, ram and disk it should be compatible.
However, as it’s only got a serial output and no VGA I’ll admit I’ve been struggling with loosing the output during setup.
Seems like the setup continues with SSH terminal output or VGA so it will need some tweaking of the boot files.

SGS5620 and PFsense








It’s do-able, it’s been done on the 5420:

The fans in this thing drive me crazy to be honest.(100+dBA?) – and without them it seems to wanna fry the CPU real quick.

You won’t put it in your living room I tell ya’!

So for now I threw in the towel on this one -maybe to be contiued some other time…:)

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