SSD -how long do they last

How long does an SSD drive last – well it depends. Many like to say 10 years but there is no guarantee.

It depends on use, environment/heat/vibrations etc. and  last but not least quality. 

Today I started a computer that was working two days ago, the SSD was installed in an old (11 years)HP laptop and it was an original HP part, allthough the brand was Micron (HP- I must say I really trust your branding of parts…..)

SSD storage is overall reported to be more reliable than HDD, according to a study from Backblaze 1 of 10 HDDs failed in comparison to SSD where 1 of 200 had read write failures.

I have certainly noticed this myself, this article would not be of much interest if I was to tell you that a HDD of mine failed, this is fairly common.

Today this computer said “no bootable disk” and the disk was dead.

Yes dead. Nothing fancy or fun to work on or recover.

You see, electonics very often behave this way. It could be a tiny capacitor, it could be anything, but this one for certain: unrecoverable unless you want to go all in..

As always, make sure your backup is good and healthy before this happens😊

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