The garage door monitor display (up or down?)

This was also an Arduino microcontroller project I started working on both for fun and actually needed.

Breadboard connected for programming

2011-11-17 22.44.51

The monitor

2013-11-09 11.04.00

This is the receiver wich is an Arduino Dumilanove with the XBEE Series2 module

transmitting at 2.4 GHz

It’s receiving signals from IR detectors in the garage, monitoring when either port is up or down.

The IR sensors are connected to another Arduino and XBEE outside.

2013-11-08 15.24.11

Nifty when it’s dark outside and I can’t really see from the house if the doors are up or down.

I’ve also attached a temperature sensor so I press a switch on the monitor to read the temp in my garage.

Thanks to Jeremy Blum’s Arduino inspiring tutorials I got after this challenge 🙂

And indeed it is fun!


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