Troubleshoot DPM 2012 R2 error ID 30111


Getting error ID 30111 trying to backup a 2008 R2 VM with DPM 2012 R2
This is indicating a VSS error, but upon checking the state on all VSS writers by running
“vssadmin list writers” no error is indicated
Also tried removing the VM from the protection group and deleting the old backup data.


Re-enable VM VSS Integrationservice. This can be done by using Powershell from the Hyper-V host and the following commands:

disable-VMIntegrationService -VMName "vmhostname" -Name "VSS
enable-VMIntegrationService -VMName "vmhostname" -Name "VSS

/*and */
Get-VMIntegrationService -vmname "vmhostname"

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