Virtualize (P2V) Linux to Hyper-V






Virtualize (P2V) Linux to Hyper-V

Microsoft has got its Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter, but this is for virtualizing Microsoft OS.
If you’re using SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) this should have support for P2V’ing Linux live.
Vmware has got its vCenter Converter, and this could also be used for the task.

Converting Linux OS to Hyper-V is possibly done simple in many ways, one way I found quick and easy is to use Clonezilla.

1.Download Clonezilla live and create a bootable USB flash drive using the embedded Tuxboot (found in utils\win64\makeboot64.bat)

2. Install the NFS feature on your 2012 R2 server and create a NFS fileshare

3.Boot your physical Linux box on the created Clonezilla USB drive

4.Capture an image and place it on your NFS share

5.Create a new Hyper-V VM on your server with necessary resources and boot from Clonezilla live ISO

6. Restore your Linux machine on the new VM by using the Clonezilla GUI and pointing to your NFS share where the image resides

I find  this to be a nice, simple and quick way of virtualizing Linux to Hyper-V (P2V conversion). GUI all the way and open source freeware.

Give it a go!


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