Want a fantastic free tool?

You’re boiling over with artistic creativity And you’re up for a challenge?

Or you just want to edit a movie clip or make a 3D model

Try Blender !

It can do 3D like a pro, 3D animations,  sculpts, UV mapping and whatnot, a whole lot of things I don’t grasp at all
It’s even got a Video Editor and a game engine..
To me it looks like an incredible Pro tool, completely free of charge.
I read it’s been around since 1995 I read, and constantly being updated by the open source community
I’ve never seen anything as deep and well functioning as this completely free of charge. Allthough as with all freeware though, donations are welcome.
But be warned – the learning curve is a little steep ,- make sure to get to know the keyboard hotkeys as these are vital.
Listed here

I use Youtube tutorials where I find many good ones
Wow sirs!

Login AS wishes Merry Christmas! – with this rendered in Blender 🙂

Login AS2

Or how about getting into the groove: (yes,ugly I know..)

Login AS Old English
Login AS

One gets stunned having a look at what people are capable of creating with this tool:


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