Whoops, deleted the boot partition

Upon cloning a disk using Acronis cloning tool I was clumsy and deleted the boot partition.

So Win 10 would not boot, and would not repair, only a blue screen with some info.

What to do in this case:

Boot from a Win10 USB image, the USB creation tool can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/nb-no/software-download/windows10

Make the PC boot from this. On the first installation page, press Shift-F10 to enter CMD.


list disk
select disk N (N refers to the disk which contains the deleted EFI System partition
list partition
create partition efi
format quick fs=fat32 (if this command states that the partition is too small, this is likely because you have maxed out the Volume, you need to shrink the main volume on this disk using shrink command, ex: shrink desired=930) ref https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/shrink

Then you can try again:

delete the efi partition using this command:
delete partition override
then again:

create partition efi
format quick fs=fat32
list volume (find the volume letter which belongs to the installed Windows OS)

bcdboot F:\Windows (F refers to the volume letter of the installed OS)
This will copy the boot files from Windows partition to the EFI system partition and create BCD store in the partition)
Next, remove installation media and restart normally
Case closed- hopefully!

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